All five decide whether you can be the top of Shanghai Dragon Master

three, the choice of keywords

people paddle ship, everyone firewood high flame. We all know, but here the focus is to speak of unity, but how to put them all together is the most critical output. This requires our interpersonal skills, cultivate their interpersonal circle of Shanghai dragon, so whether it is in terms of resources or technology, more or less will give yourself some help. For example, you send the chain, the chain resources in your hand is always limited, so you put the hands of resources run out, if you have a circle, from the point where the rub rub here (said with a beggar like), so you are not light much? Also, you made a stand, to a certain time to exchange Links, if your circle of friends and you do the same as the theme of the site, in this way, not give yourself a lot of trouble, are you? Of course, the most important is also. Technical communication, relationship between culture almost, we eat a meal, communicate with each other about their experience and technology, optimization technology to improve this to yourself is not helpful? Anyway, you know, in Shanghai dragon industry, you are not a Person in battle.

two, interpersonal communication ability of

is just like you to build a edifice, the key word is your foundation, you are not good, how can the high building? Similarly, you do Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization, even did not choose the right, how can the good website optimization. The success and failure of the website optimization, it can be said is the first key words. Even if your site structure is again good, not less code >

from the primary school we started to contact the text, can really come in handy, arbitrary words, then the effect is amazing. Some of the same text through the combination of different results, it will express a variety of all sorts of strange things. So, you know, no one does not know the master of Shanghai Longfeng editor.


we all know that Shanghai is a dragon and you need to have enough patience to live, the threshold is low, almost any Internet, typing, there will be some concept plus forums Shanghai Longfeng people can easily find a Shanghai Longfeng foundation work. I’m not improperly belittle oneself, because this is currently the industry objective facts. In fact, I was so over, just started to contact with the industry, every day is to send the chain, go to the forum sign post, every repeat the same work, I want to talk to people like me should not in the minority. Since in this job, I believe a pursuit of a dream will never have the status quo, because the top master who want to become the industry cult. But there is no one who can * * * become the master, because it needs a process, at the same time, you also need to have the following skills:

, a text of the ability to control