Analysis the advantages and disadvantages of the website chain

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home page is one of the most important sites, even without any chain is the highest weight of a page. But a website is not only needs the weight of home page, the inside pages are equally important. If the weight of the website are concentrated to the home page will lead to uneven weight distribution. A website to develop not only rely on the home page target keywords. The long tail word is the real reason to bring traffic.

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whether the anchor text links or anchor text, whether it is inside or outside the chain chain, as long as all point to the home page, is the most direct result of excessive optimization. Perhaps the novice will ask what is the meaning of excessive optimization, what’s the harm. Here I can clearly show that excessive optimization is the human operation is too obvious, belongs to a kind of cheating, the most direct harm is K or drop right processing station. The search engine is absolutely not allow manual operation rank, once found must be plucked, there will not be a polite.

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, advantages of the chain link to the home page

equivalent of a chain of the entrance into the site, if the spider crawling website every day only, cannot be embedded into other pages. If there is a large number of the chain link to the page will appear the opposite result, the spider knows how to use the other chain into the inside pages, search will definitely increase, although it cannot each one within the pages are included, but the effect is still can reach an ideal state.

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1, the chain can improve website ranking, the chain weight high good quality can bring great benefits to the site, even over high weight transfer. This matter does not need to say.


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2, if the site is new sites can increase more spiders coming, enhance the site included quantity, and each chain is equivalent to other sites a vote on the website, we all feel that your site is good, there are a large number of votes will, on the site has a great help.

Shanghai dragon for a website, the role of the chain is needless to say, a chain is equivalent to a vote this is all the owners are aware of the. But some innocent owners believe that Shanghai dragon is the release of the chain, enhance the target keywords ranking is to use anchor text links to the home page. Even most of the one thing every day to do is to look for the chain resources and release. In fact, pay attention to the chain and the chain is correct, but also need to have a degree, only a good grasp of the degree of optimization can be better, if more than this became excessive optimization. Today Chengdu Shanghai dragon will say is the chain all links to harm