Fall in love with the sea point method do the five step to enhance the website ranking

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users click to enter the site, on the site to stay longer, indicating the site more customer stickiness. Love that Shanghai will provide valuable information for users of your website, and the website for the length of time, the value and the reasonable layout "played a decisive role in the residence time. The first reading of the article itself to be high, second in the page layout, should try to reduce page similarity, avoid repetitive content. Page similarity is too high will reduce the residence time of the user. A special query page similarity of online tools, if more than 60% similarity, it needs to adjust the layout.

love the sea just launched when you click the algorithm, it is the next day arrival. Because his assessment period is 24 hours, do today tomorrow will be able to click on the first. Later update algorithm, sometimes a week without any effect, the love of Shanghai to click on the assessment period adjusted to how much? I had to come up with two test stations, now click on it, at least half a month’s time. That is the assessment period is half a month,

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site visit depth is PV/UV, the webmaster all know, this ratio is better. How to improve the PV/UV value? This needs to have a good website link to the station, the common method is the internal anchor text links and articles related to the recommended reading. If your website chain or a keyword to the home page, it is completely mistaken. The inside pages and pages for each chain is the most stable. In the chain of the site is a Pyramid shaped, from the top to the bottom of a home page, list page, only the page between the stable, "

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click algorithm, its essence is the same. Traffic is still king, we know the general enterprise station visits per day are the same, if the first website clicks every day is 80 times, and your site through effective extrapolation, click every day are maintained at 100, after the evaluation period, your site will rapidly host, of course the site itself has value.

love love Shanghai Shanghai click algorithm is introduced at the end of 2011, ranked 20 in the site before, to give them a quick ranking opportunity, if the audience who are likely to come to the front row. Believe in love with sea has just launched the online click algorithm called condemning this algorithm, once launched, convenient website cheating, from the twentieth to the first home page is really the next day arrival. When the Internet a crusade, love Shanghai to click on the algorithm to do the timely adjustment and renewal, people think by the click of the rankings to brush it, found that the site has been K! This algorithm model slowly no longer used by people. In fact, today, Shanghai still rely on love Click, can quickly improve website ranking, of course, want to click with the algorithm of the rankings, must do well the following five points.