Bottle analysis from the 520 see love Shanghai is how to update

content in the bottle will be mentioned below, the outer chain, is another site to its vote, a let a lot of people are willing to go to the voting site, how the search engines will push it down

3, website blog, information release platform;

2, a strong chain don’t stand by K;

bottle analysis: love Shanghai enterprises also need to support staff, but also to make money, otherwise the richest man is how to, but not the users of the site, is less than a penny earned, so love Shanghai may not even not to understand such a simple truth. Now the Internet has gradually formed the Shanghai dragon and the user are tied together, because the Shanghai dragon is from the user’s point of view to do things, if you love to do the Shanghai Shanghai dragon website to K off, that is he threw a brick at your feet

believes that in May 20th, a lot of Shanghai dragon who have to love Shanghai Er big update issued their own point of view, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er have expressed dissatisfaction and complain. First talk about the bottle to see some of Shanghai dragon’s point of view er.

update 4, love Shanghai contrary to the user experience.

As for the ?Summary: Shanghai

bottle love this update, just to do a better user experience, but also in the stage of adjustment, you may wish to wait. In addition the bottle found love Shanghai greatly change is on Thursday night and Friday morning, so Shanghai dragon Er can not use every day to check your site’s ranking, in fact every Friday morning.

bottle analysis: a strong chain website, Shanghai dragon must do well, both the content and the chain, Shanghai is not on it. Love, like the word webmaster, from the first to third pages, not much change. Whether from the content or the chain, the owners of these nets are very good operator,


1, the old station is not k; (bottles here by K just dropped a lot, does not mean not included)

bottle analysis: this old station is from the domain name registration station start to this time, no two or three years can not be called the old station, but in May 20th, the bottle searched the automatic door of the word, see a website – automatic door music stand of 5 years old (贵族宝贝 www.geleo贵族宝贝.cn) is the same be very cruel love to Shanghai fell. Then come up today.

bottle analysis: a website most people love, it is rich in content, but the content is useful to the user, a web page ranking is up, but after the user enters this website to find the information he needs to, if a site does not do a good job in the directory column, the user is concerned, is a useless website. Shanghai love let these pages ranking up, is to make it easier for users to find the information they want.